Thursday, September 07, 2006


Last night Jeff taught about how as Christians we are to be "good" fruit bearing trees and how that bad trees cannot bear good fruit, although it sure seems like it. Lately I have done an incredible job of being a little overwhelmed and a lot cranky!! I love my job as a Realtor, but since the first week of July I have had to help run my office because our office manager has been at deaths door. So needless to say I have two somewhat demanding jobs and did I mention I am taking 9 hours of college credit right now too??? (who has time for kids right now?? NOT ME) But at the end of the day I realized that the things about life that I love the most ( ie. my husband, church) I have tried to be a good tree but I am afraid to say that I have produced some bad fruit lately.

I want to be a good tree that bears good fruit so for those of you have been soured by fruit this is my public acknowledgement that I am aware and I will be seeking fertilizer/Jesus to help me bear some good fruit once again!!!


Blogger Julie said...

1) don't be messin with no brokey broke.
2) Love your blog
3) do you want to get together for lunch sometime?

12:10 PM  

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