Thursday, October 05, 2006

What has this world come to??

Wednesday morning Jeff and I are headed to the airport for my 8:50 a.m. flight to Washington D.C so that I can come hang out with my mom for a few days and since we left with more than 2 hours until my flight I thought this was ample time to get to DFW....well not so much. Once we hit 114 the traffic was not moving...not at all. We decide to take some once little known back roads but with the new flying laws if you are not at the airport more than 30 minutes before flight time then you cannot get on that flight so I am running up the escalator and as I sat my bag on the scale the AA agent says I am sorry you missed the cutoff time by two minutes..Seriously 2 minutes. Since I am a law abiding citizen I obliged well really I said "are you kidding me..2 minutes." So now my full ticket fare has turned to standby for the next flight and as I go to get in line at security a security guard says "maam I need to see your purse" after looking through he says that I cannot take any mascara or lipgloss or any liquid whatsoever unless it is in a Ziploc bag...Ok so this nice girl hands me a Ziploc bag and he says sorry maam that bag is too big. It was a freezer bag and not a sandwich bag. Again are you kidding me??? No he MAC mascara and affinity for lip glosses GONE in the trash at DFW...PS. If you need some cheap makeup go dumpster diving at DFW there is tons of makeup waiting to be rescued in the trash cans at the security lines....then as I go through security the lady guard says maam you have been randomly selected to have an air booth test. What is an air test??..I realized that maybe may camoflauge outfit looked as if I had a plan that made me look suspicious, so again I being the law abiding citizen that I am stepped into a Wonder Woman looking phone booth and got sprayed with air to make sure I was not carrying weapons of mass destruction. Well lucky me the doors would not open on said air booth. The lady guard who had acted like I was randomly selected with winning lottery numbers is having to pry the doors open. Once out of the booth I go check in for the next available flight the ladys says well you are the last one on the standby list and your bag will be standby so hopefully it will make it!!! Well I am here and my bag made it but it just amazes me how in my short 27 years of life that our world is so crazy that makeup loving girl cannot take mascara on a plane or lip gloss....Seriously, what has this world come too???


Blogger kate m. said...

Airport regulations have officially gone off the deep end! Seriously, I thought they were supposed to have let up a little bit on the whole no liquid thing. How dangerous are mascara and lip loss? I can also sympathize with always being randomly selected to be searched. I haven't flown in a while, but I am sure I will be placed in the air booth next time I fly. My question is (and I don't want to sound racist, but we all know where the majority of the terrorists tend to come from), why do they waste their time searching me and you when nearly everyone else seems to just breeze through. Do you and I really look like threats, and is political correctness really worth it? If most terrorists were blond haired, blue-eyed American girls in their mid 20s, I would welcome these searches, but to my knowledge, they are not.

Tell you mom I said hi!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Julie said...


6:32 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

I did that last comment as a test run because I was having trouble logging on. Sorry.

That is WAY RIDICULOUS. Flyin the friendly skies doesn't exist anymore.

I mean, seriously. They could at least hold them for you for when you came back through. And how much safer would they have been in a smaller ziploc bag? Are those non-explosive?

6:33 PM  
Blogger Lindsey said...

This is crazy and I would be sad to loose my makeup. That stuff is not cheap and I dont usually buy my makeup at walmart. so I totally know how you feel. talk with you soon. Lindsey

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