Friday, March 02, 2007

Divine Appointments

Last Saturday Jeff and I went and got massages that we received from our Youth Group for Christmas. Last week was so incredibly stressful that I have been told that I was a "monster" so needless to say I was so looking forward to one hour of total peace and rest. In a side note I have been told by my husband and close friends that I have a sign on my forehead that reads "tell me your life story" so as I lay down and the masseuse comes in I just ask her how her day is going (oh another side note we had been at a creative chruch conference the 2 days before this massage and personal evangelism was stressed quite a bit) and she proceeds to tell me within the first 5 minutes of the massage that she had an abortion a couple of months ago and had suffered 3 miscarriages this year. Enter personal evangelism!! It sure is hard to lay there as someone who is hurting so deeply is trying to take away your physical pain go away, when they are crying out to have their spiritual, mental and physical health healed. I began to talk to her about Jesus (which is awkward by the way when you are laying there practically naked) and told her of his grace, foregiveness, etc. She said she believed in his existance but he could not be close to her because of her choices. I prayed with her and left so burdened for her life. (did I mention that it was the worst massage I have ever had??) I realized though that sometimes God places people right in front of us but we don't always have a captive audience and I know the Lord gave me the opportunity to share with her his Great Love!! Later that night at the Mavericks Game a girl sat behind us that said a minimum of 300 horrendous cuss words during the duration of the game and although she was small I think she could have beat me in a fight no problem so I decided I was not with a captive audience and didnt say anything. Shame on Me! All this to say I know that God gives divine appointments and we should always seize the opportunity!!


Blogger kate m. said...

I am so proud of you for talking to the massage therapist! Situations like that are hard, but I am glad that you took God's prompting. I probably would have been too scared in both of your situations.

Also, wait till you have kids because the "tell me your life story" sticker must become bigger. Seriously, they must think that just because you have a kid, you want to hear all about their kids, pregnancies, miscarriages, unplanned children, divorces, marriages etc. This has happened to me numerous times at restaurants, and it is always the waitress who divulges too much. Boone and I are like, we just want to eat!!!

8:34 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

God puts you where he wants you. Sometimes it is hard for me to be patient with people even when I know they are hurting and God wants me to listen and encourage. He must know you can handle it! A whole lot better than I do!

2:38 PM  

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