Wednesday, December 03, 2008

9 Years of Marriage

December 4th, 1999 was the day that I was a young girl really excited about marrying her best friend. I was only 20 years old, but I was as ready as I could be. I always thought I would finish college, go to law school and maybe marry later in life, but obviously God had something a lot different in mind for me; As he usually does...
It is now 9 years later and I can almost say I have known Jeff half of my life...the better half of my life for sure!! God has always been faithful and has made our marriage really pretty easy!When Jeff and I married we said we would probably wait 5 years to have kids...well here we are 9 years kids. We have been busy doing whatever we want, whenever we want and we can honestly say that we have no regrets. Again...what we thought was our plan was not God's plan.
I can also say that Jeff and I always dreamed of living in Florida for a time in our lives and the Lord allowed us to do ministry in DESTIN, Florida of all places....then brought us right back home...where we wanted to be in the kind of church we wanted to be in. God has always been faithful. Finally his plan and ours collide! ha haFast Forward to 2007- I had not planned, asked or prayed for my husband to be diagnosed with cancer at the young age of 29, that was not my plan and truly I don't think it was the Lord's but he USED that situation and used us to bring glory to his name as the Great Physician and to challenge us to seek, rely, trust and respond in obedience and here we are...alive, well and HEALED!!
I am so thankful that the Lord gave me Jeff and handpicked him for me. Growing up on two very different spectrums and yet we are so much the same its weird. The storms that we have weathered are storms I would not want to walk through with anyone else....and when our plans were not the same as the Lord's I would not want to trust them alongside anyone else!So Here is a Tribute in Numbers to our marriage:

9- Amount of cars we have had since married. ( we don't keep them long. We will from now on thanks to Dave Ramsey) (this does not include the ones we had when we got married so its really 11)
8- (MILES) The longest we have walked/ran together.
7- Year of our marriage that was the hardest (Jeff's health, 2 surgeries, Cancer)
6- Times you asked me if you could have apples after you came out of surgery! ( I have no idea why he asked this but it was really important to him at the time)
5- Places we lived since married. (its 5 if you count your parents while building our house)
4- Times we have been to New York together. (Our Favorite)
3- Trips to the ER (when you accidentally dropped the couch on my foot while moving, when I had vertigo on my birthday and once when Jeff thought he was dying)
2- Dogs we have had since married. (one is in heaven)
1-Set of twins that Jeff prays for us to have when we have kids (boy and girl specifically


Blogger Lori said...

Congratulations! I remember your beautiful wedding. Bobby and I are having our 8th anniversary in a couple weeks...WOW! I wish you many, many more years of happiness together!

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