Tuesday, March 13, 2007

This Boot was not made for walking!!

Today my mom had orthopedic surgery on her foot. It was first of all long overdue and in a lot worse shape than even the doctor thought. After starting surgery the doctor called in another doctor to help because he said her foot was was much much worse than he could tell from X-rays. For those that are not weak stomached Dr. Ravik had to break her 3 middle toes, shorten 2 of them by cutting down the bones, "saw off" a whole lot of a bunion and then had to correct a bone that was trying to come out of the bottom of her foot. The doctor said he really has no idea how she has walked this long and obviously living DC it is a neccesity so much less the miles oper week she walks. The doctor also told us that putting the bones back together was like putting back a complicated Jigsaw puzzle and that she cannot put any pressure on her foot at all, so needless to say if you know my mom the crutches are not her best friend and within 5 minutes of being home I caught her scooting. Thankfully the anesthesia (spelling??) did not make her sick at all and after sleeping 30 mintues we were able to bring her home and she is doing great. The doctor warned us that she would feel great today but tomorrow would be brutal!!

I have attached some pictures: the first is her foot before surgery which does not show the ping pong ball underneath that he cut out, the 2nd is her new shoe and lastly the after.

Thanks for the prayers and please continue to pray for patience as it is so difficult for her to not walk!!



Blogger kate m. said...

Your mom's foot looks like it was so painful before surgery! I can't believe she walked around on it for such a long time. Tell her I hope she gets better soon and will say a special prayer for her. I had to use crutches once and hated it, so I feel for her!

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