Friday, March 30, 2007

Update on Jeff

Hey Everyone-

I know I have been full of ghorry photos lately and I am sorry about that. Jeff and I want to be able to document what all has happened, what God has done and is continuing to do.

We just to give you a little background of what has gone on so this may be a long post!!

A couple of days before surgery Jeff went to talk to a friend of ours that is the Youth/Worship leader at the church next door. Jeff told him he wouldn't be able to help with the area wide youth worship. This precious friend of ours just to give you a little background traveled with Leann Rhimes for years and was offered a multimillion dollar music contract and did not accept it because he knew he could not live for the Lord the way he should if accepted. So when you hear Chris you wonder why Decatur, Texas in a small church?? It is truly because of Chris' obedience to the Lord and we don't pick where God Sends us!!! So Chris proceeds to pray over Jeff and became emotional, he then said Jeff God is giving me a song to sing over you and sang this song over Jeff. Jeff asked if Chris could remember the words to record it and I am going to attempt to link it for you to listen to here!! Jeff and I listened to it the whole way to his surgery and if you listen to the entire song you will feel the power in which God used Chris as his vessel!!

When the surgeon and nurse took Jeff and I back to prep him for surgery the nurse asked if she could pray over us and the surgeon asked if I could pray over him. There is not a better way to be put under than knowing the hands that are taking you apart and putting you back together fully trust in Jesus!!

The first night after surgery was very rough for Jeff! He got very sick from the anesthesia and was in tremendous pain, but has been much better yesterday and today.

We went to the surgeons office today and had the bandages changed and were told everything looks as it should. Before I post the pictures I am warning you they are very raw and ghorry so please don't scroll down any further!!

Thank you all for the prayers, food, visits, etc. Please continue to pray for good reports on the lymphnodes and ear!!

Jeff and Nat


Blogger Kendra said...

Natalie -
I've been praying for you guys this past week . . I saw Tommy last Monday night and asked him why I kept seeing Jeff's name in the RH bulletin. So, I've been following you pretty closely since then. Thanks for posting - I absolutely loved the stories of how the Lord has blessed you both and the people who have been serving you . . wow! May the Lord bless you both with a peace knowing that Jeff is in HIS hands, and that what the Lord has created, He will keep whole and healthy - please, Lord, let it be your will!Thanks for the testimony of your faithfullness and confidenct in the Lord! Blessings on you both . .

12:49 PM  
Blogger Chad said...


I always tell Summer that if I have to lose a body part, I would like to lose an eye so I can wear an eye patch. Eye patches just seem cool. But after seeing those pictures of your ear, I might have to change my mind. We are praying for you both during this time. If I could sing, I would record a song for you too.

Chad (& Summer) Walters

5:19 PM  

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