Friday, April 13, 2007

Progress, My Soap Box and Hail!!

Today Jeff went and got the remainder of his stitches out. He said it started bleeding while she was taking them out so the pictures aren't great, but hey he doesn't have another doctor's appointment for 3 more weeks. Sadly, the last 3 weeks of our life are chronicled by which doctor's appointment on what day.

For instance, March 20th- Doctors Appointment, CT Scans MRI's, etc. March 22nd-DR's appointment, March 28th-Surgery- March 30th- Dr. Appointment, April 4th- Surgery, April 6th Doctors Appt, April 10th Dr. Appt., April 11th- Dr. appt. and Lastly, today, Arpil 13th the last appointment for 3 weeks.

As you can see our driving from Decatur to Fort Worth is going to free up a lot of time, but I could not be more thankful for the time that Jeff and I have been able to spend together. We have laughed a lot together and cried a lot together and worshipped in our home and cars together on our many road trips to and from Fort Worth. It is so evident that God will always use adversity to strengthen and refine you and your reliance on things that are not "things" is clearer than ever! Also, the evidence of God's creation of our bodies is unfathomable. When Jeff had his first part of his ear removed his equilibrium was way off (which the doctor said is common when operating on ears) but when Jeff' had his reconstruction his body immediately (even with a lot of drugs and anesthesia) lined back up. I think that it is awesome that God detailed our bodies in such a way that when something is missing we aren't straight, but by the touch of Jesus it all lines back up! I think it's amazing!!

Now for my Soapbox....

Just for the record I shamefully have always loved to tan, whether outside or in tanning beds. Sadly, I have been a regular off and on to tanning beds since I was 14! Jeff tanned the day before his mole was removed so we are not here to convict, rather just inform. If you tan in a tanning bed more than 10 times per year you ar 3 times more likely to have malignant melanoma. I know you are thinking well Jeff is fine and his ear looks pretty good, but Melanoma is the FASTEST growing cancer, PERIOD!! Sadly, the Doctor said he would much rather hear that we are out in the sun than in tanning beds, so I think I am about to invest in a Mystic Tan Membership. (spray tan)

P.S. It hailed in Decatur this is what I was seeing when I was talking to you...gotta love those Texas thunderstorms!!

Have a great weekend!!


Blogger kate m. said...

Although I haven't been since before I got pregnant with Jackson, I often shudder to think of the damage I have done to my skin over the years through tanning beds, bad sunburns, etc. It really is maddening that I didn't use more sunscreen when I was young.

Your doctor's appointment schedule is exhausting just to read! Thank God for insurance! I am glad Jeff is in the clear. His ear looks great!

How is your mom's foot? (And if your mom is reading this, Hi Susan!)

8:52 PM  

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