Sunday, December 10, 2006

I will run and not grow weary....I will walk and not faint???

This is a scripture that I know everyone has heard, but after watching my brother complete a 26.2 mile marathon for the second time it still amazes me to think it is humanly possible. I consider my brother and I to be pretty close and cannot imagine not being there to cheer him on. I kind of had an epiphany today as I was driving around by myself in a part of Dallas that I don't know very well and feeling pretty lost. This marathon for so many people is something that the runners train for for months, even years. I am about to tell something on my brother that I hope he doesn't kill me for, but when I saw him at mile 23 he was in a lot of pain and long story short there was something wrong with the time clock on the course and he thought he was about 20 minutes behind his target. When I saw him at mile 23 he was like Nat I am so far behind I don't know if I can do this. I told him you are only 3 miles away you have this....RUN!! When I couldn't find David when the race was over he called me and he said I don't know if I would have finished without your encouragement ( even though I know he would have) but all this to say that in our spiritual walk we get sore, tired, complacent, we cant see the finish line but there along side us are people cheering us on telling us we can do it even when Satan tries to scream louder than we do. The amazing thing about a marathon is random people cheer for people that they don't even know and yet it is so hard for us as Christians (including myself) to do the same with random people we encounter. So I guess all this so if we ran life like marathon and not a sprint we would be a lot more effective for Jesus. Just a thought. Also, my brother finished faster than last year was totally amazing!! D- I am really proud of you and know I am always there to cheer you on!!
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