Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Shocking I know!

Well I figured since its been over two months since my last post I would update the blog. I am sure that like everyone else is life has been pretty crazy. I am in my last semester of school actually just 2 weeks left and I will finally finish college....better late than never I suppose.

Ministry wise things are going really well. Our church is exploding. We keep having to add more classes, build on more classrooms and make big plans for the future. It is really exciting to see what God has done in our church.

This past weekend we had 43 hours of prayer starting Friday night and ending before Service Sunday morning. 2 people could sign up for each hour and come up to the prayer stations. Jeff and our Pastors wife set up the entire thing and they did an amazing job. Jeff was the monitor from 11p.m. Saturday night til 4 a.m. Sunday morning. Somehow I was roped in to go with him, but I am so thankful I did. Seeing kids from our youth group and people from our church come up there in the middle of the night to pray was humbling and awesome. THere are few times that you can get away for an hour with ZERO distractions and be prompted to pray for your church, healing, missions, your county and your walk with the Lord. It is amazing how you can not be tired after being up all night because of the peace that prayer gives you.

We have seen firsthand what God can do with prayer in 2007 and it serves as great encouragement to be fervent about praying in 2008.
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