Tuesday, September 25, 2007

In It Not of It! Questions to Ponder!

*** Disclaimer*** Jeff I am not trying to steal your thunder**
Recently Jeff and I have been talking a lot about evangelism and exactly what we are called to do as Christians. Jeff recently went hunting with a big group of men. Some Christians, some not so much. Some of the men who were not Christians talked differently than the other men and then they corrected their grammar when they realized Jeff was a Pastor. One of the guys said after the Hunting trip, "Jeff is actually a pretty cool guy" as if they were surprised that a Christian can actually have fun!! Anyway to the point, when Jeff came home he said he realized how much he is around "Saved" people and that he felt inadequate in the amount of unsaved people he is around and that really Christ wants us among them. In it not of It! I too feel that the amount of unsaved people I am around is shameful. I work with all Christians, obviously Jeff goes to an office full of Christians (hopefully since he works in a church) we then go to church, small groups, etc.
Recently, Jeff and I have both committed to praying that God would put very specific people in our path. After Jeff and I went to work out last night we sat down to eat and Jeff shared someone that God has laid on his heart over and over all week. A waitress from our local BBQ joint. Well this girl is really sweet, but has a personality that grates on your nerves. As Jeff is telling me this he said you know this has to be from the Lord because she has a personality that makes me crazy! All of this rambling leads to a point.

First of all, isint it funny who God will put in your path when you ask him to? But my other question is how far do we go to be around the unsaved to be " In the world and Not of the world"
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