Monday, August 28, 2006

West Nile Virus

I know the headline sounds like a huge joke, but as I write this my grandmother is being admitted to the hospital because they believe she has West Nile Virus. I remember the first time I heard about this thinking that it sounded like a joke, like Anthrax, bird flu etc...Jeff and I even made jokes when we felt bad that maybe we had West Nile!! I feel terrible about the jokes now that it is a possibility that my sweet grandmother may have it. All West Nile jokes aside I would covet any and all prayers for Gaga (thats what we call her)! I know that God can do anything and I am asking right now that he does to heal her!!

P.S. On a less Debbie Downer note today is Jeff's 29th birthday and for anyone around us a lot know that he is way more extravagant and thoughtful in the gifts he gives me and I was finally able to get him back. I surprised him yesterday by telling him he was leaving today to go to Mexico to see his brother. Needless to say he is sooooo excited. So I am a single lady this week!!!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back To School Blues...The Best Days of My Life

I know that I am 27 years old and should be way beyond this but I have noticed that every summer by the middle or end of August I get in a funk about everyone going back to school. The life of a Youth Pastor and his wife goes like this: June- Mission Trip to Mexico, Vacation Bible School July: Camp, Mission Trip to Biloxi and then August Back to School everyone goes. You would think that this really has nothing to do with anything but I start to miss the chaos of kids coming in and out of my house, eating all our food, watching all our movies (whether we are home or not by the way) Maybe I should stop passing out the keys to my house and maybe we should not have bought a 40 inch LCD flat screen tv because they come over a lot more now ( the boys anyway) but I would not trade any of those times for the world. Jeff and I have been so blessed at each church we have worked at and recently our RHCC ties have brought us relationships that are family, ie The Barrow Girls, Katie Willingham, Hatchetts and so many more but now they are all going back to school and the chaos that was my life this summer is now a lot of great memories but a stillness that is unfamiliar.
In the stillness I realize that Jeff and I (and Lula) are so blessed to have so many teenagers and friends that we love and that love us (I think) and our bond is that we all love Jesus but have decided that he wants us to enjoy the short amount of time here on earth.

To my summer choas...You are welcomed back gladly next Year!!!

The Greatest Husband in the world

Just thought I would share a pic of myself and the greatest husband in the world!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Change will do you Good

Well since I really have nothing else to do with my time I thought I would get a life and get a blog. I am burnt out on has kind of lost its thrill so I figured between selling homes, school, being a youth ministers wife, getting my brokers license and church I should get a hobby, so here it goes!!
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